Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review - Minifigures, Assemble!

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Review - Minifigures, Assemble!

The gang's all here, and they're ready to save the day.

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So it's more of the same usual LEGO gameplay, but with Marvel. I'm in :D

There's something that compels me with most of the LEGO games and I'm not 100% sure what.

I wanted to get this. But these guys will never learn. Once again the PC version doesn't have mouse support. I have a controller, but it's a matter of principle. I'm not paying what they're asking for a PC title that doesn't have mouse support in 2013. I'll get it on sale.

Love me some Lego games, Particularly Lego Batman 2, hopefully this is more of that with a few improvements (The open world flying controls for one!)

Hmm, don't know whether to be thrilled or worried that i could recognise all the 13 minifig heroes and villains in the pictures...

Love me some Lego games, Particularly Lego Batman 2, hopefully this is more of that with a few improvements (The open world flying controls for one!)

No they are worse than Batman 2. There is some flying checkpoint races that can go die in a fire

Without spoiling anything, how long will I have to play before I can be Ms. Marvel? That's really all I need to know before I buy it.

I would love if they spiced up the gameplay a bit, its fun and all but it really is that basic and repetetive (they should keep it extremely playable for the kids but let the game have some more advanced mechanics for whoever is willing to try them), and kids arent that dumb either way (at least with games) so they really dont need something that basic.

Such villainy! They even got the Redundancy Department of Redundancy on their side!

I do like this, but I really miss when they didn't talk, and the games were more an actual LEGO representation of the movie instead of trying to BE a movie as closely as possible. (I ripped up a bus as Hulk and it exploded into an actual fireball that didn't look like it belonged in a LEGO universe, and I couldn't help but wish it would have just looked like the cute bricks that it is)

I really hope they fix the game breaking bug on the third level soon....

I think that this review is pretty spot-on.

My thoughts on the game are:
1. The combat is mostly mashing buttons to kill mobs(not a bad thing when I'm just trying to relax).
2. The many puzzles were usually straight forward, though some solutions were not very apparent to a slightly inebriated twenty-something.
3. The dialog and jokes were kind of cheesy, but it's aimed at kids.
4. The movement controls ranged from decent to awful. The minifigures were usually easy to control, while the land vehicles ranged from good handling motor cycles to the truly awful go-kart(I spent a great deal of time retrying a 30 second race to learn how to use the damn thing). The flying controls are good for general use, but way too wonky for precision paths in time trials.
5. The camera views could be pretty terrible, which is partially why movement controls sucked at times. The flying time trials suffered the most from the camera view, since the next checkpoint ring could be very difficult to maneuver to if it wasn't directly ahead of the character.
6. The number of playable characters was amazing. My only gripe on this was having like 6 different Iron Mans and generic mob bad guys taking up space on the roster, when they could included some other unique characters.
7. They also did an amazing job on each character's animations. The way that the Iron suits take-off, the Hulk stampedes down city streets, and Archangel's wings flap as he flies(just 3 examples off the top of my head) are beautifully done. The smooth animations make just cruising around New York City entertaining.
8. The game froze from time to time. The playtime before hand seemed to range quite a bit, and it usually happened during graphic-intensive battles.

So yea, overall it's a very fun relaxing game, packed with quite a variety of heroes and villains.

Great review, Paul!


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