Professor Layton's Medical Mystery

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Poor Professor Layton (Professor of what? The same field as Robert Langdon?). He can't make it one day without encountering a puzzle. But wait, is it possible he suffers from a rare mental disorder that WON'T allow him to read anything straightforward, thus resorting to wordplay to get any information?

...Um, given 'Dead Grey Art Day,' is this comic telling us something about results of the 'elaborate quest' from what was 'supposed to be a routine medical exam'? Should I be worried?


Greg Tito:

Wait, is it Tuesday already?

Whoops! Well, you get an early release of Critical Miss for this week. Do with it what you will!


Time to tell the Editor in chief about this slip up, only he can fix it. Oh wait...

I'm just wondering does professor is pissed because he already solved the puzzle and knows the diagnosis
or it's because he's sick of puzzles everywhere.

Ain't nobody got time for that.

lulz. just sayin

For a Second I thought it was going to come up with "Big Arse Tumors".

...because the Black spot on the lung is big... And probably a tumor.

The "You Have Cancer" bit was surprisingly mundane. Why Do I always expect the most complicated answer first, and the most commonly expected answers second?

ROast eVAdE CUrrY ANvil CHasE

Yeah, Leonardo got it right...definitely spend longer looking at this comic than I normally would, so that's a win for them, I guess...

Crap! I did the first one as "Astro" instead of "roast". Got everything else right, but that screwed me since I lost both the O in You and the R in cancer.

Ah well.

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