8 Pirates from Videogames That Arr Awesome

8 Pirates from Videogames That Arr Awesome

To celebrate the release of much anticipated Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag we're giving you a taste of some of the pirates from other videogames.

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I just realized you forgot the Space Pirates from the Metroid series. :(

Oh god Lego racers that is call from the past. One of my first Games I played on a Pc and played it often because Diablo was too scary

When i saw LeChuck, i was worried that mighty pirate Guybrush was going to be skipped. I audibly exhaled with relief when i got to the last page.

No Vyse from Skies of Arcadia?

Wow. I was surprised by lack of Gangplank, from league. Not that I really care

However, Cortez, the unkillable four armed soul-stealing pirate skeleton wasn't on this list, and that's disappointing

Apart from Monkey Island, this is a stupid list. No mention of actual pirate games like Port Royale series, Sid Meirs Pirates! or Risen 2.

Very happy about the curse of monkey's island characters... Less thrilled that the Unnamed Hero from Risen 2 wasn't mentioned.

Ahh LEGO Racers. Limited to 2-player multiplayer and carrying some other issues, but I love it for managing to have a creative powerups system that don't rely on crazy random chance.

TETRA. Jesus guys, I thought she was a shoo-in.

Also, seconding the Cortez. Ghost pirate with ghost minions and giant swords! HOW DO YOU MISS THIS?

Rusty Pete from the Ratchet and Clank Future series is definitely my favourite pirate (hell, Quest for Booty was Ratchet and Clank: Pirate edition and he was a main character...and it was awesome). He and Captain Slag even have their own radio station that you can listen to in ACIT, and it's the best station in the game. Slag is alright (your typical pirate bad guy) but Rusty Pete is downright adorable and hilarious. Would have him as a first mate and go for some grog any day. Though Slag DOES have the added portable benefit of being on a stick later.

No Gan Ning or Zhou Tai!? Such disrespect... Zhou Tai, end him.

Again, I want way more substance from these lists. Why should I care about any of these people?


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