Escapist Podcast: 115: Scary Games and No Titanfall on the PS4

115: Scary Games and No Titanfall on the PS4

This week, we discuss some of our favorite horror and scary games. We also talk about Steam users surpassing Xbox Live, Star Citizen hitting $25 million in funding and Titanfall being exclusive to Microsoft.

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Some thoughts on "Terrorist" horror videogames games:

I think it would be a lot more profoundly disturbing and effective as a horror title if instead of being the Terrorist, stalked by superagent fisher/snake/etc, you were a random pedestrian thrown into a terrorist or active shooter scenario. Picture, if you will, a game with no HUD or music, where you're riding a subway, say, when it comes to a stop and a single or pair of shooters walks in through the door with a shotgun and rifle and opens fire. Options for escape are running and hiding or playing dead, though compounding the issue is the disorientation, lack of direction and stumbling and tripping on other panicked NPCs and scenery collision mesh. Additionally, you could also play as medical response, saving lives by assessing the injured from the dead, while the situation is still hot and dangerous.

In a less urban or first world context, you could be a political 'threat' running through the bush trying to throw death squads, police and search helicopters tasked with bringing you down, by the despotic government you had the audacity to speak against. Perhaps beyond merely surviving, your mission would be to bring video documentation of human rights violations to a whisleblower. Something between Sir You are Being Hunted and SPEC OPS: The Line, tonally.


On the complete flipside, it might be interesting to play a Terror cell leader in a game whose turn/metamission mechanics resemble XCOM and whose missions play out like an automated Rainbow Six / DoorKickers / Frozen Synapse plan-->execute. Successful acts that garner intense media saturation increase your shady funding and resources of mercenaries, suicide troops, weapons, explosives, and eventually WMDs.

Now, all of those, perticularly the third are hot button issues that would likely cause a lot of fuss and discussion, or outright condemnation of a game in which you orchestrate increasingly horrible massacres. If someone made them, they'd really have to double down on making such a unflinchingly awful project with headline horrible plot points. Yet, I feel there's potential for profoundly affecting games there, if handled correctly. It would not be difficult to come off, crassly, as mere shock and exploitation.

Well, at least we know DICE can make virtual women.

Honestly, I didn't think the commercial was that bad, if only a bit ridiculous. If anything, it wasn't extreme enough. Maybe if the two were zooking when they meet...

Regarding the discussion on the "terrorist horror game", you should check out a game, just got Greenlight on Steam, called You Are Not the Hero. I haven't played it personally, but the talk I hear of it says it's very similar to the concept you described. In it, you play a peasant in a fantasy RPG, tasked with protecting and rebuilding your home after being ravaged by various heroes and villains in their epic exploits.

EDIT: Regarding "realistic swordplay", I just found out about an obscure title called "Starwhal: Just the Tip" (watching Roosterteeth's pseudo-competition show VS). It's not nearly so much innuendo as the title implies, but its simplistic mechanics demonstrate one of the most interesting fencing games I've ever seen.

How I would do credits in a Star Trek game, data. Perform a service for a NPC? They give you some data. Data can be traded as currency or expended for advancing your available technology. Your currency needs to be something other than just for trade to downplay its existence as a currency.

Oh, Axe-bombing. Good times...good times. Me and my friends went a little overboard, though. Rather than a gift bag per person, my fraternity received an entire box of samples...our house smelled like body spray for months after.

You should name the ship the Windowless Escapist Murder Ship.

Irradiated Tiger:
You should name the ship the Windowless Escapist Murder Ship.

This is the best suggestion yet.

About that Goblet and Dagger game. It is basically what is known as Game Theory. You can google the "Prisoner's Dilemma game" and it is fascinating! So far, I know only one video game that implemented it and it is Virtue's Last reward.

Point of contention, in a utopian future, you can have binonic parts. Jordi has a bionic visor. Warf has a bionic spine. Picard has a bionic heart. Riker has a bionic beard. I rest my case.


As I understand it, the federation have a credit system, and they barter with resources and trade supply deals on a regular basis also mass and energy is neither unlimited or free firstly you need to harvest dilithium, which is mined and processed into starship / reactor chamber focusing crystals and reacted with matter / antimatter, presumably hydrogen and anti-hydrogen because that just makes sense, as far as other sources well there were hints at some pretty exotic technologies, like a Dyson sphere or a gravity generator but those usually ended in disaster in some way or another..

anyhoo, my point here is energy isn't really free even in startrek, there's allot of work involved! it's just the technologies can be scaled easily for population growth and there is little fear of running out of heat or food, since the energy produced is far beyond basic human needs.

Going through and watching some of these older pod casts and that is one cute Velma. Like zoinks, scoob!


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