Escapist News Now: Ryse: Son of Rome Gameplay Preview

Ryse: Son of Rome Gameplay Preview

At a recent Xbox One Preview Event, Andrea Rene spoke with Crytek about their upcoming Xbox One exclusive launch title RYSE: Son of Rome. They discussed combat mechanics, new Xbox One hardware, and more! See all our Xbox One Preview coverage here.

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This game really seems like a dud. When the most exciting thing about your game is the camera swoops, I think you've gone in the wrong direction. The rest just seems drab, like an extended Arkham Asylum combat sequence. As much as he claimed otherwise, you can't deny how much those QTE color flashes popped up.

Also, we already see how the story ends, right? Guy is "all about Rome" but then it turns out a Roman guy was responsible for his family's death and he has to question his faith in his nation. Fascinating.


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