Escapist News Now: D4 Xbox One Gameplay Preview

D4 Xbox One Gameplay Preview

At a recent Xbox One preview event, Andrea Rene got to try D4, Dark Dream Don't Die, the new game from Swery65 featuring Kinect. She spoke with the development team about the story of the game and how Kinect controls are featured. See all our Xbox One Preview coverage here.

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The only game that makes me want to buy a xbone. This gameplay preview is all I've wanted it to be. Could do without the kinect though.

Wow a solid quicktime event... oh yay, how will i contain my .... errr... apathy?

Because the one thing I thought about wolf among us and walking dead was that they need more quick time events. Yeah, swishing my hand all over the place is really going to immerse me.

Sarcasm aside, this looks highly unimpressive.

This forum is full of robotic plebs


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