EXP: ScrewAttack's VGV - MegaMan DOS

ScrewAttack's VGV - MegaMan DOS

Maybe this awful mess is why Capcom's been ignoring the blue bomber...

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Wow. Some graphics are straight out of Duke Nukem. I'm serious, the toxic barrels and the crates are from Duke Nukem.

I had this game as a kid. It was incredibly hard. Like harder than Mega Man 2 hard. But let me tell you it was satisfying to beat a robot master in it. It was definitely a game where the challenge was in how hard it was not in how you played it.

But it is easy to play it now and say "Wow this is hard and stupid! Look at these graphics! Lame!" But that lacks context. While I won't ever say this game was the epitome of PC gaming at the time, it was pretty standard video game fare.

Keep in mind that the NES, while less powerful overall than personal PCs of that day and age, could run games far better and with more precision than almost any PC out there. It was far easier to create a tightly polished game on the NES than on the PC. If it could look better on the PC than on the NES, then it was likely bleeding edge PC gaming, or what we consider to be AAA games in this day and age.

And more than likely the difficulty was more to hide that there was an insane lack of content. Three robot masters and very small levels, mostly due to size constraints. Things had to come on floppies (of either type), which were not necessarily cheap to make much less distribute.


holy fuck, IT WAS REAL!!! I DIDN'T IMAGEN IT !!! >.> kinda wishing I had though ... cause I remember it sucking just as bad as the video said ..

...I had this. I had this awful, awful game as a kid. I got it bundled with another terrible PC-only Mega Man game and Street Fighter 1 and 2. Now I loved me some Mega Man in my youth. But no. This was awful. This was a wretched game that I regret ever spending any of my precious time trying to play.

For what it's worth, I spent way more time playing the PC port of Street Fighter 2 than I ever did any other game in that bundle. At least that was a straight port and not a bastardization like the Mega Man games were.

OK, firstly, not cool using Down's Syndrome as an insult about Mega Man's appearance in this game. We should be beyond that sort of abuse now. It's not big and it's not clever

Having said that, my GOD what the heck is that game? And who designed that main sprite. It truly is awful, and amazing they didn't even try to put music into it. Not even some old school blips and bloops

I still have the disk and probably the box for this somewhere around here. This game was fucking horrible for so many reasons the least of which is the controls. It's like playing a game that is nothing but ice levels and everything is slow and unresponsive.

So does that mean there was an UNO?


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