Escapist Expo: The Most Wonderful Games We’ve Never Made

The Most Wonderful Games We've Never Made

Game designers talk about the best game ideas they had that never got made, for one reason or another. Or the game they've always wanted to make, but never did. Or, the game they heard about someone else making that never surfaced. There will be a lot secrets divulged, skeletons dug up, and bad ideas left to dry.

Yahtzee Croshaw
Richard Dansky
Randy Greenback
Jonathan Bolding

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Holy shit, I just realised that one of the guys in my video game development class stole Yahtzee's game idea and made a working prototype.

I am genuinely very fond of Yahtzee, and I think much of what he says is incredibly valuable. Keep up the good work, Yahtzee.

Also, is there a way to download the audio from these videos?


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