8 Military Heroes From Our Favorite Videogames

8 Military Heroes From Our Favorite Videogames

To celebrate Veterans Day we give you the short list of some military heroes from our favorite videogames.

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What these articles need is to really challenge us. Throw in some weird ones. Make it worth it to click all the way to the end. Maybe instead of ending on just another musclesoldier in fatigues, maybe give us someone like Cecil from FFIV or Liberty Prime. The best of these galleries are the ones that seem to promise one thing and deliver something else.

Holy shit. He actually named the character and the game. I feel that my bitching has been vindicated. Now if the news articles could be fact checked, that'd be great.

OT- Fairly good list this time, but memorable gruff soldier types is a rather small selection pool.

How can you have a list of video game military heroes and not include Mobius One?

Well, that was generic... I think you should make the list somewhat bigger to be able to include a bit more niche characters (making the viewer go "Ah, that guy! Thanks for remembering me about him")

I'll just add some of my own.

How can you have a list of video game military heroes and not include Mobius One?

THANK YOU. Lol, I'd have also accepted Cipher/Demon Lord of the Round Table, or almost any member of Razgriz Squadron.

Predictable and generic...come on dude why make a gallery if you're only going to include the characters that have been publicly accepted as heroic...? Also. Where's Sergeant Reznov? THAT guy was the best character in the Call of Duty series, at least equal in heroism to Ghost.

Like others have said, far too generic and predictable. Basically playing a game of let's pick some of the best known military characters and protagonists from popular AAA games released in the last five years.

Captain Walker is wounded not to be acknowledged among the esteemed:

I feel like I'm missing something here. Why exactly is "Ghost" from Call of Duty so popular? All I remember from him is doing some hacking and then...

I guess he's got a cool mask or something?


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