Escapist News Now: Child of Light Gameplay Preview

Child of Light Gameplay Preview

Greg Tito learns more about Ubisoft's colorful platformer Child of Light.

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I really don't know about this. I mean I want to like it and the guy being interviewed seems genuinely in love with his creation and that is always infeactious but...I don't know maybe it's the graphics?

The only part of it that I'm not sold on as of yet is the battle system. I'm just not convinced a typical turn based JRPG style battle system looks like a good fit.

This game looks astheically pleasing to me. I'm definitely putting this on my To Buy list.

Glad I won't have to wait too long into 2014 for this, but I wonder if I should get this for my PS3 or on the PS4 when I pick one up next year.

Really dig the aesthetic of this game and I'm looking forward to play it.

Edit: is this going to come to PC as well? Really hope so.


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