8 Watery Levels To Get Your Mouth Watering

8 Watery Levels To Get Your Mouth Watering

To celebrate the initial printing of what some consider to be the great American novel, Moby Dick, we give you eight watery levels.

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That must've been hard, mixing Water and Zelda and not segwaying into the Water Dungeons.

Yeah this isn't actually a bad list. Good effort on the Gallery this time.

It's ironic though that Bioshock doesn't actually have a true water level, other than the start of the game, and some short flooding corridors, despite being set entirely under water ;)

The only game that truly did water levels well for me has to be Super Mario Sunshine. It's a game made out of awesome water themed levels, they made water fun to navigate and play in. For video games, that's a big deal!

I wouldn't call the Wind Waker ocean a water level. It's too big to just be a level, but I love it just the same.

The sunken Frigate in Metroid Prime is probably my favourite water level, between the weirdly empty setting and the almost eerily peaceful music it's a nice little interlude before the game ramps up the difficulty in the next region.

I can't think of a water level I've really enjoyed.

They're either too slow, have way too many cheap deaths, or are just poorly designed.

Zelda, Water dungeon, nope.

Ah Sonic, you silly mammal. Hedgehogs don't belong under water. In his defense though, he could still attack under water. Still those levels were the least fun.


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