Need for Speed: Rivals Review - Adventures in Racing

Need for Speed: Rivals Review - Adventures in Racing

Even non-racers will find something to appreciate in Need for Speed: Rivals.

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Awesome! Lets see if they have done a decent job of the PC port. I can't want to see how this game looks/handles :)

Holy shit.
From the images, this game's graphics makes Crysis look like something for the Nintendo 64. Seriously, I can't tell if it's an actual screenshot or if it's just a photograph. IT'S UNBELIEVABLE.

The reason ludo has such trouble differencing between the in game pictures and reality is because those pictures aren't from in game.. Someone screwed up somewhere. Either that or this game has the best graphics seen in any video game before..or any game for another 10 years for that matter, and the article writer just thought it funny not to include any variety with his pictures.

No way are those the real screenshots. They definitely look like photos. Gaming might look like this in 8-10 years, but not yet.

Pictures are from Ken Block's 'Gymkhana 6' in promotion for NFS:Rivals.

This sounds like Hot Pursuit with a fresh coat of paint and some new mechanics. Not necessarily a bad thing, but I think I just want them to bring the Underground games back. I liked customising my cars and racing them, and doing so in an open world along with the cops would be great.

Sounds pretty cool, but without any form of local multilayer it's going to have to go down in price a lot before I spend any money on it. I remember playing the old Hot Pursuit games and so many of the great times I had in those games revolved around the same couch rivalries.

What a joke of a review. Screenshots are irrelevant, for the most part you are explaining what it is rather than critiquing, and you PRAISED THE LACK OF CUSTOMISATION. I can't help but think EA might have paid The Escapist for this abysmal piece of journalism.

Well, naturally the only logical explanation for 'liking what I don't like' is a paid review.

I like how silly GothicTwist looks now, seeing as how even real pictures aren't realistic enough for his (fake) high standards.

Not as silly as posting pictures of a real motoring event that has basically nothing to do with the game instead of posting in-game screenshots. Almost feels deliberately misleading.

Raiyan 1.0:
I like how silly GothicTwist looks now, seeing as how even real pictures aren't realistic enough for his (fake) high standards.

We're going to see a lot of this in the future, I think. People will complain that photorealistic isn't real enough, the same way people claim to hear 'loss' in lossless audio files.

Sounds great.

And I'm glad they've ditched the insane customization options for a somewhat good driving model. My endless grief with the Underground and Most Wanted series was always the shit driving.

Guys i start playing this awesome game maybe...2 weeks ago. After first week my friend recommended me Racing Rivals Mod which helped me a lot. I had unlimited amount of.. EVERYTHING. It is really awesome. Maybe someone want it?


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