This Week in Gaming History

This Week in Gaming History

This week in gaming history teaches us that there are two ways to approach videogames: lawsuits and postage.

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It's Defender or something like that, isn't it? I know you have fuel and other stuff while you race around bombing critters.

For my 42 cents I'd like to see the Doom guy's face looking irritable and slightly to the left.

No idea on the game on the stamp (my knowledge of pre-NES games is extremely limited).

If I were designing the stamp, I'd probably use Mario, it being the most influential game in industry history. Alternatively, I might put Pac-Man on there, since it's better known to the non-gamer public.

I'm going with defender as well.

Yes. It's Defender for the Atari 2600. Hasn't been that long since I played it.

If you really want to capture the "origins" of gaming on a stamp, how about making one a Pong board?

Yes, I was delighted when I realized it was Defender on the stamp. Sharp eyes, LB! I'm still giving the second question some thought, but I really wanted to get that question out there for discussion.

i have not played defender in a long time, the last time i did was 2 years ago or something an i had so much fun!!!

Murry from Monkey Island would make a great stamp I think. Then there is the huge amount of game logo's that could easily work on a stamp such as Halo or Gears of War and although I know this forum loves to hate those games they are fairly iconic for this generation of gaming.

I'm very interested by the first part of the article. While I was doing the research into my article on the history of Spacewar!, I happened to do the research into Ralph Baer's work with computer games, and I found it fascinating. I'm inclined to write the article I was considering on the history of the Magnavox Odyssey, imperative in the history of computer games.

RAK, check out: The Medium of the Video Game by Mark J. P. Wolf; Ralph H. Baer for history on the Magnavox Odyssey and lots of other interesting VG history.


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