Unskippable: Dead Rising

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I hate it when my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches go flying out of helicopters...:P

very funny, did make me lol more that eternal sonata. Keep up the good job!

"So,taking pictures of your junk again huh? Noticed you're using the long lenses."
I laughed quite a bit more with this episode then the last one too.

These are brillant, MORE! sandwich bit the very funny.

Haha, now I feel a bit like a prick for when I commented before on the first episode of this. I said you guys didn't sound completly into it with your voice acting, but I can see now that much like other voice talents, you guys are improving as the series progresses. Just had to put that out there as I imagine my last comment made me sound very arrogant.

Nice job with this one, I only wish these episodes could be longer. You guys should save one really cut scene heavy game like, Xenosaga, for like a special or something like that. But I imagine a JRPG that long would drive you guys insane. Better idea! You guys could do riffing for one game multiple times! Like, Dead Rising Part.1 then next week Part.2 That would just be a matter of finding the longest cut scenes in the game and picking the ones you guys would like to riff the most. Again, just pulling ideas out of my arrogent ass.

I also wish these videos where on youtube so I could put them on my ipod. Then again, I would put this entire website on my ipod if it where possible.

Much better than that Eternal Sonata one last week. I laughed out loud many, many times.

you came in a helicopter...

I can't believe how bad some of these cut scenes can get... :)

Very nice, it's the first episode of a game I've played.

I especially liked the FRANK WEST, ACTION PHOTOGRAPHER. Also the vain stab at a "mysterious" conversation between Frank and Carlito..."what's going on here?" [it's zombies, right?] "well, it's not a riot..." [cause it's zombies...] Seriously, after the opening photography sequence, I'm pretty sure Frank should have figured it out by that point.

Amazing job guys. I love this show and I hope you continue your hilarious work.

im really starting to like the intro XD

this one was incredibly funny ^-^ the beginning about taking pics of his "junk" fit so well XD, keep it up guys ^w^

Funny, I just picked up Dead Rising for myself last week, just beat it yesterday. This was a nice little ending to my zombie slaughtering escapade, thank you Graham & Paul.

really cool guys really enjoyed it

It's especially funny because I remember playing the first 30 minutes of DR with some friends... but I skipped all the cut scenes.

Man this series is amazing. It really feels like an episode of MST3K

"This my friend... is hell! Well not here specifically of course, this is a roof top but you get the idea."

Excellent, best episode yet.

Had to have all my friends watch this one even if they never played dead rising they still was on the floor laughing

"Its only a matter of time before they block of the sky..."
I couldn't withhold my grin.

LOL this is a quality series

This is the most horrendous attempt at comedy that I have seen since de-rez.

Lvl 64 Klutz:
"Almost strangely quiet, as if the whole.."
"Ok, just stop right there."

Nice cross referencing :p

Though it may be accidental, there was also some 'future' cross-referencing from the Eternal Sonata one:
"In fact, the village is quite clam. Almost strangely quiet."
"As the townsfolk hide from the coming zombie hoard"
Great planning/afterthought to see both cross-referencing.
Excellent work, always a great laugh.


"Sloowww dowwwwnnnn"
"What's your hurrrryyyyy?"


why does a reported have a hat like that? kept getting my attencion the whole time

This was really funny

This was very funny! :)

Are the first three posts spambots?

you came in a helicopter...

I can't believe how bad some of these cut scenes can get... :)

i cryed laughing when i first popped this into my xbox at that scene.

I love this new series I laughed untill I cryed both times this is going to become my cryptonite. Sereiosly.

It doesn't really matter if the cutscenes can be skipped. Most games' opening scenes are skippable. What's important is quality humour which these guys have definitely managed.

I haven't actually posted on here much, or maybe not at all. I love this series, can't wait for the next one! Heh, I really loved this one, and heck it makes me want to play the game, lol. "Sir the sky is blocked off, please pull over."

That made me laugh quite a lot.

Can't wait for the next one!

"You came by helicopter?"
I never noticed how stupid that line was before...

Awesome episode, I definitely love the Unskippable series !

Wow. We're 50 posts in, and I have time to register and be the first to post that this game already exists? :)
Anyway it's called Afterlife and it's basically a Simcity 2000 clone. It's not too bad of a game, certainly entertained me for a while.

Just about to post something similar, but you beat me to it :)

I liked this episode a lot (in some ways more than Eternal Sonata), but for some reason it felt too short. There's a lot of good quotables in here, though, and I especially liked the callback to the previous episode.

I don't get it.

I usually come to the escapist for Zero Punctuation but I saw an clip on one of the episodes and decided to check it out

I can now say after watching this video I now have 2 shows to look forward to now on Escapist!

The PJ Sandwich line made my day

I've have never played Dead Rising, but I want to. I don't plan I getting an 360 to play it though hope it comes to the PS3

'Jack Shit. And Shit left town. Wait...' These are just consistently hilarious. Good Job Guys.

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