Jim & Yahtzee's Rhymedown Spectacular: The Gayening

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I've got to say The Gayening is my favorite poem so far. It's truly, truly outrageous. Way to go Jim!

Jim takes the cup this week!

After spending last night attempting to play Draw A Stickman by only drawing wangs, this poem was just what I needed.

yahtzee's poem had hit me hard. i got jet set radio on steam sale i loved the original but this one sets the fucus all the wrong places where it's allmost boring. if the the maps was different it would be fine but when they remove all the fun gameplay then it's not up for discussion

Why does Jim have heavy duty floodlights in his living room? Those would burn the paint off the wall. Or maybe they're for blinding cyborg horses? Or projecting obscene shadow puppets on the building across the street? All of the above?

I cannot be the only one here who does NOT want a cyborg Frankenhorse that leaves fire in its wake. Yahtzee had me sold with the line "starts fires with his mind."

Jim, you should do this again: "MMMMMetaphooooooooooooooooooooorrrrrrr!"

Jimothy Sterling:

Poetry should always be done in dark rooms.

Point, thank god for you

(omg Jim noticed me ^.^ )

Jim's poem turned me gay. Anybody know a good lawyer...?

Is it just me waking up late or was Yahtzee's rhyming and rhythmic structure a lot more intricate today?

Also: purposefully sitting on dildoes and not being amused... *while you continue to sit on them*. Just brilliant, man, well done. :D

Listening to this latest episode my belly laughter
did more than once most loudly sputter
Then a most awkward demand came
for its explanation from my mother.

"Two ex-pat Brits were in a rap battle,
on the internet" I explained,
"Except with poetry instead of rap
and the subject matter was games."

"Oh that's nice," she refrained
Though her feigned enthusiasm was mundane.

More reaction from her I could perhaps have coaxed
Had I spoke of Dobbin 2013 fine metaphorical jokes
And reaction aplenty inside Jim's (metaphorical I dare hope) socks.
But I didn't stoop to such shocks.

(Sensationalism betrays those of heads full of rocks
But tact is for those with ego and brains.)

I think it's funny that James Vega was used on the front page for this.

Especially since in the Citadel DLC during the party, if you're playing male Shepard in a relationship with Steve, Vega pulls a no homo and leaves the room in awkward disgust.

I Love how twisted Jim's work is becoming. It makes sense, but I gotta make my mind into a pretzel to get it.

Pretzels are good... mmmm...

Well, what can I say...
Mr. Sterling, funny and poignant. Tell me are you feeling okay? But seriously, you seem to work best when you have a serious point to make and you do so with aplomb.

By the way just a quick drop-note via Podtoid to say you had moved the crew to your new podcast would have been nice, took me month to work that out.

All the best to a fellow Brit


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