8 Movies Featuring The Greatest Detective

8 Movies Featuring The Greatest Detective

To celebrate the release of Young Sherlock Holmes in 1985 we give you a small list of some of the best movies to feature the detective himself.

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the great mouse detective still haunts my dreams sometimes

Too bad the Robert Downey Jr. version's sequel was such crap compared to the first one... But then it isn't easy to recapture the magic the first one had either... ah well.

Funny story: most of The Great Mouse Detective actually does take place in Sherlock Holmes's famous flat, 22B Baker Street. But sadly, Holmes himself plays only a minor role in the plot. He and Dr. Watson have merely a brief cameo, to remind the audience that this is indeed Sherlock Holmes's home, but little else.

Dressed To Kill?

That makes me think somebody got things mixed up and ended shooting a James Bond script with Sherlock Holmes characters.

Instead of gun barrels and naked women, the title sequence would have pipes, violins and deerstalkers floating by.


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