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If you weren't a fan of this film before you'll be Hooked.

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...People dislike Hook? Okay.

Man I loved hook. I'll admit I haven't watched it in a while though.

OK Jim, I'll confess. Before even watching the video I was about to charge in here and say "Bullshit! This doesn't need defending! It's a great movie and everybody loves it!"

... then you mentioned that it was hammered by critics when it was released and that it has a bad score on Rotten Tomatoes. That honestly took me by surprise, so I went to IMDB and found out that it has a 6.5 there. Not a bad score at all, but honestly it feels kinda low for this movie. You were obviously right in defending Hook, but for the life of me I just don't get it. It's a fun movie. It's a good movie. Why the hell would it actually need defending?

Wow! This was surprising.

I remembering liking Hook when it came out but, nowadays, I barely watch it in its entirety. I'm gonna have to sit down and view it when it plays on TV again. Maybe I'll get a better perspective on it.

As for Jim's mentioning of the lavish sets, I feel that is becoming a lost art with the rise of CGI. It's the same feeling when I watch Dick Tracy (one movie Jim needs to review, imo) when it plays on one of the cable movie channels. The painted backgrounds, the vibrant colors of the sets and costumes, and so on. It's one of those films where the phrase "They don't make them like this anymore" seems fitting. I know making movies is expensive, but isn't time that filmmakers took a step back and had a setting that wasn't made in post by a computer?

Obligatory "This needed defending?" comment. But, I mean really, Hook is too good to need defending and it's a shame that it has to be. A quick box office search leads me to believe the movie did very well despite the critics though, so Hook won out in the end.

Where was i? In the cinema, watching it.

...People dislike Hook? Okay.

Was going to say the same thing. Never met a person who disliked this movie. It's one of my favorite childhood classics.

"I've lost my marbles", love that part

I'm actually surprised that it's disliked that much because while I love that movie I know a lot of people that do as well.

The suicide scene is one of my favorite parts in the whole movie, and I loved Dustin Hoffman as Hook.

The critics saying that it's unimaginative is actually kind of funny given what the movie is about.

To me Hook was ok but the only thing I remember is the crazy lady at the start. AHHH IT'S SNOWING (SLAM). Loved that part.

"Let's not bother talking about the kids and Julia Roberts though." Yes thank you for that Jim. And you're right about Bob Hoskins as well, he can't not be brilliant. You've failed to mention one important thing though: music god Phil Collins is also in Hook for a minute!

To me Hook was ok but the only thing I remember is the crazy lady at the start. AHHH IT'S SNOWING (SLAM). Loved that part.

That was a guy, actually.

While I can see how this movie would be criticized, I still adore it, for pretty much the same reasons Jim mentioned. And come on: who didn't want to be a Lost Boy after seeing that sweet tree house?

"Let's not bother talking about the kids and Julia Roberts though." Yes thank you for that Jim. And you're right about Bob Hoskins as well, he can't not be brilliant. You've failed to mention one important thing though: music god Phil Collins is also in Hook for a minute!

Glenn Close was also in it. In the Boo Box, specifically.

This was a favourite VHS of mine in my childhood and i've not watched it since. From what I can remember of it I thought that it was probably one of those films that was great when I was a kid but it was probably going to suck now. After watching this all my memories came flooding back to me and I am definetly going to give this another bash, if only to feel young again.

Where were we?

Well I was born a year after it was released and when I first saw it roughly a decade later, I loved it and had no idea that others didn't. That I found out now. Another decade later. that's 22 years, Jim. Many of us were still too young or... well... non-existent to argue about it on the internet. Oh, and we didn't have the internet either.

Me and my friends still use hook as a short hand hell I'd go as far as to call it the best live action disney movie. Dustin Hoffman is brilliant hell even the kids though not exactly stars are still better then a lot of 90's kid acting. I can't believe critics hated this movie they must have hearts of ice. Somebody get them to an imaginary dinner.

I think the majority of the dislike probably came from the movie taking an odd turn with Peter Pan growing up to be Robin Williams. Which I can understand.

I think the movie suffers from trying to not be the Disney movie, and having to make Peter Pan and Neverland work in live-action. It feels like the makers where trying to work around these issues, making it deviate maybe a bit too far from the source material.

But it definately has its merrit. I remember watching it quite a bit when I was younger. And I always loved the atmosphere, both of Neverland and of London.

Peter Pan no Boken blows it out of the water though.

Whoa, I had no idea this was disliked until now. I loved this movie. I remember having this on VHS and watching it multiple times. I also didn't even know it was Dustin Hoffman until about three years ago (yes, I liked this movie so much I still talk about it as an adult).

Good job Jim. Good defense.


Where was I Jim?

Not giving a fuck and enjoying Hook for the fun movie it is, that's where I was.

wait this was seen as a bad movie. it was a wile sens I saw it but I remember liking it. never heard anyone not liking it.

Damn it Jim, I want to watch Hook again.

Whenever there was a long road trip in my youth, I always took my portable DVD player with me. It was an easily-jolted little bastard with a battery that seemed to be entirely cosmetic for all the good it did when unplugged, but I loved that thing. Hook was always my go-to movie on those rides. It looked gorgeous, Robin Williams was reined in enough to be playing a character other than Robin Williams, the kids were acceptable (which is well above average for most child actors), Rufio's hair is the stuff of legend, and Dustin Hoffman kindled my lifelong secret desire to run away from civilized society and become a pirate. That desire has never gone away.

I dunno, it's not really an excellent film overall. It's quite structurally flawed and Tinkerbell is horribly miscast. There are a few moments that could have used a bit more polish in the scripting. But it's incredibly watchable. Dustin Hoffman, Bob Hoskins and Robin Williams all show incredible timing with their lines and aside from a few moments where the script gets messy, the directing is pretty spot on.

I'd give it a solid 7/10. Not great, but fun and watchable. There's worse out there.

Where were we? Personally, I was busy worrying about my maths test the day after we went to see it.

It was twenty years ago. I doubt I could form a coherent critique of a movie back then, let alone defend it from anyone saying it was bad. Mind you, I never did hear anyone saying it was bad.

Now that I think of it, I have vague recollections of people not liking the movie at the time, but I was six at the time so I'd forgotten until Jim mentioned it.

Honestly, I couldn't see it then and I can't see it now. It's a fantastic movie.

I like how Jim spent three and a half minutes defending Hook and then shows a scene that pointedly illustrates just how terrible the movie was.

Yeah, "this didn't need defending", because there's nothing to defend. It's awful. I watched it as a kid, and I actually credit it with being the first movie to make me think about whether what I was watching was any good.

Wait, what? People, especially critics, hated Hook? Color me surprised. Hook wasn't a great movie, no... but it's far from bad.

Hook was my childhood. I really loved this film when I was a kid and although as an adult I recognize it's faults (like Tinkerbell literally growing up and never mentioning it ever again) I still highly enjoy it as a guilty pleasure, to this day, it's still one of the best "The Chosen Zero" (according to TV Tropes) films I've ever seen.

Also, how can you not love Rufio in all his 90's glory? :D


I recently rented this for my five year old who is into Peter Pan at the moment and because it was one of my favorites. I looked at the scores and critic ratings and was surprised how low it was. I watched it again and I loved it still, however, both me and my wife were surprised how different the movie was to us as adults vs when we watched it as kids.

When I watched it as a kid I was more into the Lost Boys story and rooting for Peter Pan to remember what it was like to be them again. It would be cool to have a dad who gets being a kid and all that side of the story.

When I watched it as a father myself, I saw it more from the adult Peter Pan's side. It wasn't about being young, it was about finding a connection with your son. It was a completely different movie and lesson for me.

With that said, I wonder if I watched the movie only as an adult and not really had the perspective of the kid's view first, if I would have found it a little shallow. Maybe that is why critics didn't like the move....they never watched it as a Lost Boy. Without that perspective, I'm not sure it was really that good for adults....


Where were we? I was a kid, in the theater watching Hook. As I was only 4 years old at the time I couldn't do much defending.... SO WHERE WERE YOU JIM? Do you have the "I was a 4 year old" defense? I don't think so.... See, its your fault. I blame you. :P

But seriously it did win best actor at the kids choice awards. So, kids obviously liked it... And defended it. Remember when we did our Kids Choice Awards voting by filling out ballots at Burger King? Now they just do it online....

Question: Since I only ever watch Nickelodeon for Legend of Korra nowadays, can someone tell me does the Kids Choice Awards still exist? The last time I actually watched the thing was the KCA before the premiere of Sponge Bob. I know Rosie O'Donnell doesn't host it anymore... She lost that job when she told everyone she was gay... In the 90's I guess that was a bigger deal, I don't think anyone cares anymore....

Well despite my hatred of all things Robin Williams, I do enjoy this movie. Add me to the chorus of those surprised it needed defending. I had no idea how poorly it reviewed.

Me and my friends still use hook as a short hand hell I'd go as far as to call it the best live action disney movie.

I was always partial to the Three Musketeers, mostly for Tim Curry, but Oliver Platt was a joy as well. While I know it strayed from the actual story (in that way Disney often does) it is still one of my favorites. Oh and I will trade Julia Roberts for Rebecca De Mornay any day of the week.

Weird other than people who have a specific hatred of Robin Williams all the kids I knew growing up loved it. It was a nice dark take on peter pan. but I'm not a babyboomer I'm 31.

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