8 of the Most Memorable Cop Movies

8 of the Most Memorable Cop Movies

Be prepared to provide the facts and just the facts for this gallery of some of the most influential and memorable cop movies in movie history.

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Gah... These things were actually starting to get good for a while, now we're back to the ridiculous unfunny captions.

Maybe I should have posted more in support of how you were doing it?

This reminded me of that one particular scene in the Critic.

Not bad, but the jokes started to fade in funny-ness

You lied to me! I saw the Beverly Hills Cop image in the Feature image but Axel Foley was no where to be seen! Seriosuly the theme tune is one of the best 80's musics!

In saying so you did put Police Academy so I guess that make it up but still.

There was no mention of the best cop movie ever: Hot Fuzz.

I don't like you anymore, Escapist.


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