Escapist News Now: Quantum Break New Gameplay Details

Quantum Break New Gameplay Details

Quantum Break's gameplay is featured in a new trailer.

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Aw man, looks like this one is going to be another brown and grey cover based shooter. I was hoping it would be doing something more unique and while the time manipulation mechanics have potential...yeah, not too thrilled on it being yet another shooter :S

I must say that even though the PS4 has more power the devs on the Xbone exclusives do have a much more focused art direction, they overall look a lot more pleasing in the eyes.

Does anyone else think Jack looks eerily like Arnold Schwarzenegger for the article on the main page?

OT: So its a cover based shooter with a time-stop mechanic? Eh, I doubt I will be missing much, if its good I can always visit my cousin who has an Xbone to play it.


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