Escapist News Now: Hyrule Warriors Coming 2014

Hyrule Warriors Coming 2014

Nintendo has teamed up with Tecmo Koei to mash up the Legend of Zelda franchise with Dynasty Warriors to create Hyrule Warriors.

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All I could think when I saw it is "'Dynasty Warriors: Hyrule', hm? I wonder if we'll be able to play as someone other than Link this time."

Don't get me wrong, Link's arsenal across the series is quite varied and should open up some really cool gameplay varieties for a Dynasty Warriors style brawler, but I'd really like to see Koei's take on some of the other famous warrirors of Hyrule... Zelda and Ganon, obviously, but what about Impa from Ocarina of TIme? or Midna and the Ghost Hero from Twilight Princess (actually, Twilight Princess had a bunch of "famous warriors", any of whom might be fun to play)? or the sword trainers from either Majora's Mask or Wind Waker? would they have a go at making Tingle battle-worthy (in all honesty, I hope not...), or the any of the Goddesses or Great Fairies?

...the point is, Legend of Zelda has a huge cast of characters, many of whom are also great fighters, and Dynasty Warriors' main strength is its variety of characters and perspectives across its campaigns. It'd be a shame to lose either just because Link happens to be particularly awesome.

Come to think of it... there could be a wide variety of Links as well: The Hero of Time, the Hero of Winds, the Hero of Twilight, the Hero of Dreams, the Hero of Seasons and of the Ages... even Shadow Link and Dark Link could make an appearance as something other than a boss fight, though they sort of only exist to test Link and have no real personality of their own... They all would have similar appearances and primary weaponry, but their full arsenals and abilities are widely different.

It's always refreshing when Nintendo publishes a "unique" game, even if it is a game that mechanically has existed for a very long time.

It might be like Pokemon Conquest where it's a fun game, but very little replay value. But it's nice when Nintendo tries "new" things.

I would like to play Pirate Zelda. A bad arse Zelda that doesn't have to have a sex change to be bad arse.

Im very excited for the 50 people who own a Wii U, and props to Nintendo for taking a step back from the old cookie cutter.

I want a mushroom kingdom warriors...

Just shut up and take my money! I'll shell out for a Wii U for this game...And TWilight Princess, and Skyward Sword...and Wind Waker...ALL the Zelda.

Still looks like a blast to me. I'm also on the boat of hoping that there's more playable characters than just Link, though I don't think the name placeholder would be "Hyrule Warriors" if there weren't.

I for one find this to be a refreshing take on the Zelda franchise, especially since it´s just a spin-off for fun, partly done to fend of fan boys while the main Zelda team is making the real, main Zelda game.


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