The Escapist Presents: Gavin's Five Favorites of 2013

Gavin's Five Favorites of 2013

Gavin Dunne shares his five favorite games of 2013. Check out all the rest of the favorites lists here!

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You take that apology back; nothing wrong with getting emotional with games and I'm glad you shared this with us.

Yeah, I know that feeling. For me, it was Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, ICO, and Knights of the Old Republic.

I still think The Last of Us is not as good as people think (yes the relationship between the certain 2 characters is one of the best things in gaming, but the rest is just typical zombie fluff), but Gavin's passion is the star in this video. Thank you for the review Mr. MiracleOfSound!

Well said, I certainly agree with your nominations fully. When I started playing The Last of Us, I literally couldn't stop; I was that drawn into it. I finished it in one monster sitting. I've never done that before, so the Last of Us certainly is something special. I dare say it's worth buying a second hand PS3 and this game just for the experience and when you are done, sell it on. It deserves a place in everyone's heart.


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