Max: The Curse of Brotherhood Review - He Ain't Heavy

Ha! Your avatar pictures always make me laugh; you're looking very regal in this one. Sounds like an interesting game, but I wish they would of included the previous games ability to actually draw objects to solve puzzles, because "..marker to draw objects and help their flame-haired hero through a variety of environments" sounds really interesting. I think I'll go look up the first game and give that a try.

"..opposed by an evil old man named Mustacho. Because videogames."


Aww...I was totally hoping this was a Mighty Max, I saw reruns of that cartoon a while ago...good times.

Apparently there was a miniature toy line based off the franchise...never really got the point of those.

Back in 2010 Max and the Magic Marker was one of my first stupid Steam sale purchases. Never played the damn thing. Just happened to be cheap.


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