Gavin's Five Favorites of 2013

Gavin's Five Favorites of 2013

Gavin Dunne shares his five favorite games of 2013. Check out all the rest of the favorites lists here!

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Bias and payola!

Anyway, here's my favorite 2013 MoS tracks in no particular order.

Digital Shadows - Quite possibly the catchiest song I have heard all year. I honestly think Ubisoft should make it part of the official Watch_Dogs OST.

The Crush - Every single beat felt like the thundering of a mecha. Went perfectly with a franchise like Pacific Rim.

Beneath the Blag Flag - Catchy, energizing, and really shows Gavin's talent when it comes to range and composition.

Half Man's Song - Great track that really spoke about a great character. There better be an Arya Stark follow-up.

Dream of the Sky - The song itself was great enough, but what I loved most about it was how it tied itself beautifully back to 'Little Sisters' (another of my favorites).

It's been a great year!

lol, you sound funny here Gav. Good List! My MoS list, in no particular order:

Cries of the Dead World

Black Flag

The Call

Digital Shadow

Dream of the Sky

Enjoyed your list immensely Gav and agree with 4-5 on the list. GTA being the one I just couldn't get behind. I love how passionate you sound when talking about every one of these games though, it's fantastic to hear.

No Papers Please? Bias and Payola!

Still mine would have to be:

5: The Last of Us.
4: Amnesia; A Machine for Pigs (Don't judge me)
3: Outlast
2: The Stanley Parable
1: Papers Please (GLORY TO ARSTOTZKA... ahem sorry that's sort of ingrained now)

Runners Up: Don't Starve, Xcom Enemy Within (Wait... Why do people call an expansion pack a new game?), Killzone Shadowfall, DMC; Devil May Cry.

And may I say Papers Please is the only game that has ever come close to surpassing My Perfect Game, Shadow Of The Colossus which is something that not even Deus Ex or Portal has managed for me...

And MoS, in no particular order:

The Day The World Died
My Iron Skin
Dream of the Sky
Hell in the Headspace
The Best I Can
(Miracle of Goats.)

I read the article before I watched the video. I feel foolish now. <:[

Since everyone else is doing it, my top 5 games for this year are (in no order):

- Pokemon Y (why a lack of end-game content?)
- Saints Row IV (that came out this year, right?)
- BioShock Infinite (I guess)
- uhhh... Diablo III on the 360 (piss easy is all I remember of it)
- and... Mass Effect 3: Citadel

OK, so I didn't really play anything new this year.

And now for the less embarrassing list of top 5 MoS songs (in no order):

- The Crush
- Dream of the Sky
- The Call
- His Father's Son
- Rampage!

My Top 5 would have to be (In no particular order):

Saints Row IV.
Bioshock Infinite.
Papers, Please.
Rogue Legacy (It did come out this year, right?)
and AC4

But this list is very good, I still haven't played a few of them, but I hope I can in the future.

My MoS top ten would have to be (Again, in no particular order):

Dream of the Sky
Digital Shadow
My Iron Skin
Forever Blue

My favourite games, since everyone else was doing it, went:
5. Gone Home
4. Pokémon Y/X
3. The Stanley Parable
2. Assassin's Creed IV
1. Bioshock Infinite

My top 5 Miracle of Sound songs:

5. The Crush
4. Half Man's Song
3. The Day The World Died
2. Beneath the Black Flag
1. Dream of the Sky

I promise the top two for both lists being the same thing is a coincidence.


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