Paul's Five Favorites of 2013

Paul's Five Favorites of 2013

Paul Goodman shares his five favorite games of 2013. Check out all the rest of the favorites lists here!

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Finally someone who remembered Saints Row IV.
I really wonder why some of the other people here listed GTA over SRIV...
I remember most people seeing GTA as a rather unlikeable, nasty experience, and SRIV as a great piece of comedy action.
So why is GTA on so many lists and SRIV only on yours?

A fine list Paul.

One question though.

When you were talking about The Last of Us, did you say alien bandits?

I am 100% sure you SAID alien bandits. ;D Nice one.

Paul Goodman:
Nate and Ellie's journey across a post-apocalyptic...

Mixing up Naughty Dog franchises here I think.

Nice list, I just wish I had the time and money to play all the games that came out this year.


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