Justin's Five Favorites of 2013

Justin's Five Favorites of 2013

Justin Clouse shares his five favorite games of 2013. Check out all the rest of the favorites lists here!

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This was a very interesting list.
There have been 2 or 3 games in everyone elses' lists which have been the same and then one or two surprises.
These games all came pretty much came out of the blue :P

No Last of Us or Tomb Raider.

Nice, Shadowrun Returns finally mentioned.
Good to see such a great game appear on someone's list.
Makes for a heck of a lot more interesting reading than seeing the 10th slightly different explanation on why they listed GTAV or Tomb Raider.
Still wondering about the lack of Papers Please, or the only appearance of Saints Row IV on Paul's list. I was expecting to see those a LOT more.

And I would have at least expected YOU to mention Baldur's Gate II Enhanced Edition...

Haha, I knew I'd finally figure out who I wanted to watch on the Escapist staff! Thanks for basically profiling yourselves through this process of picking your five favs.

Couldn't agree more on Fire Emblem (series) and Pokemon. My friends all laughed at me for not having played since.....diamond?... so I commiserate with the long hiatus. I haven't picked up Awakening yet, was hoping to catch it in the gifts this morning, but oh well! Off to the stores on boxing day!

Since our tastes seem to be so in-line, I guess I'll have to check out Rogue Legacy, Shadowrun Returns, and Hammerwatch as well. I hadn't heard of any of those.

Now off to go play some more FTL...


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