Jon's Five Favorites of 2013

Jon's Five Favorites of 2013

Jon Bolding shares his five favorite games of 2013. Check out all the rest of the favorites lists here!

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EU4 taking the first place in a GOTY top five? Now I've seen everything. ;)

Pikmin 3 not on the list even if you have Olimar as your avatar :,(
I am dissapointed...
Nice list!

Why is path of exile so highly regarded?
Last time I checked, its "skill system" was highly broken, the multiplayer aspects of it were laughable which is odd since it basically is a mmo and it is incredibly repetetive. You need to grind and grind and grind to unlock some actual options to change up the gameplay like totems which require a super high level because games like this need something that would have made the way to those levels more enjoyable since you would have more to play around with locked behind super high levels or something because game design.


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