May All Your Xmas Dreams Come True

May All Your Xmas Dreams Come True

Civilization roasting on an open fire, permafrost nipping at its toes.

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Whenever I have that dream I get my hunt tentacles bitten. It always ends in a big fight when I laser the first to laugh.

How did you know, Nick? Stay out of my dreams!

Giant laser squid? Awww, you knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas.

It is a pleasure to celebrate the holiday with like-minded individuals
in the time honored tradition of the predatory cephalopod!

May you draw some joy into this winter's maw
and rend it with your Xmas beaks.

Tentacle. Cool. Hey, lasers... Cool. But that would it be when Earth does shoot?

I don't even have a poem for this one, it's amazing!

Love your stuff Nick keep up the unsettling and abstract work.

I find that the spontaneous vacations are really the best. When you spend too much time overplanning the order of your laserings or pack too many weapons for your hunt tentacles, it adds unwanted pressure to the vacation. Let the kids run amok and just disintegrate in the moment. Eventually, the military will show up and you will have to hyperjump back home or risk potential damage to your sextacles.

I love this one. Well done sir. This is a potential t-shirt. "Our Best Family Vacation"


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