Terraria PS Vita Review - Mine Where You Go

Terraria PS Vita Review - Mine Where You Go

A shockingly good portable adaptation of the beloved crafting adventure.

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Perhaps I'm just too used to the PC version, but those issues (especially the crafting one) just seem like too much for me to bear.

But then the idea of only having four slots for quick access tools/weapons also really irks me. I find the PCs ten slots to be barely enough and at times wish I could map more.

As someone who didn't really play the PC version ( I wasn't fond of the art style or controls, and by the time I jumped in all my friends were done playing it), I haven't really found issue with the controls. Playing it on a portable seems perfect though, and I've been thoroughly enjoying it.

Also Jumwa, there are the 10 hotkey inventory slots across the top and then 4 d-pad hotkey slots on top of the original 10.

Sounds perfect for a long plane ride I've got coming up.

Sounds really good but having played the 'sequel' Starbound I don't think I'd have interest in going back after already logging many hours in Terraria, but we'll see. I have enough crap to play as it is, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, Ys Memories of Celceta, Ys Seven, Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky.

Sadly I have made my terraria world a Utopia already. I don't know that I can start again on a portable version if I even had a Vita.

My World 'Myopistia' is the creme da la creme. All Decked out in beautiful Hallow, Shining white spires of beauty and rainbow background amidst the higher sky levels now sporting clouds as support and glorious shining gold walls filled with all the trophy's from the bosses I've collected.

Basically what I'm saying is I've spent waaaay too many spare hours on Terraria than is healthy.

Starbound is quickly racking up this problem too as I craft my perfect planet.

If I didn't have a laptop already, I would want this more. Endless hours of spelunking, building, trying to get my Terra Blade, fighting corruption. I can have some serious fun with it and not get bored and its all on a handheld.

I too have been waiting on this portable version, also for the Vita version of Minecraft thats being made, as well as the new binding of isaac, and spelunky even.

I guess there's just something special about Indie games and portability.

Jim, have you tried a beautiful little game called Rainbow Moon for the Vita?

It fits your opening paragraph quite well.

So let's pretend Terraria Mobile gets controller support.

Why then, would I buy the Vita version instead of sticking with the iOS/Android version?


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