8 Great Movies That Happen To Be About New Years Eve

8 Great Movies That Happen To Be About New Years Eve

To celebrate the end of the calendar year we give you a little list of some of the best movies that focus on the New Year. Grab a glass of champagne and celebrate a whole new year with this gallery of cinematic awesome.

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Well, I for one must applaud you for having a list that includes Bridget Jones' Diary. The two BJD movies are some of my favorites, and some of the only romantic comedies that both men and women can enjoy, mostly due to the fact it shows both sexes as being equally screwed up and at fault when it comes to relationship issues.

Now wait a damn minute here! The original "Ocean's 11" is about a Vegas heist on New Year's night! How did the Rat Pack not make the list?!?!? The ghost of Sinatra will HAUNT you, dude!!!!

Strange Days - Kathryn Bigelow's finest (two) hour(s), based on a story by her ex, James Cameron. It ends with NYE '99. Ralph Fiennes is a weasel, Angela Bassett is kicks ass and looks beautiful, Juliette Lewis is hyper-kinky, and Michael Wincott consumes all the scenery in sight. What's not to love?


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