Here Comes 2014

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Wow, certainly didn't expect to begin 2014 with a pang of sympathy for Michael Bay, of all people (regarding his buckling under nerves at CES).

Not that many really, I did not see many general release movies last year.

The Raid 2: Berandal

Still a while to go in post, the director nearly got cleaned up in a car stunt.

The Monkey King

Donnie Yen plays Sun Wu Kong (Monkey King) fighting all of Heaven. Was held back a year to add more special effects after the Stephen Chow "Conquering the Demons" movie.

Should be out around Chinese New Year (end of January)

The Search for Weng Weng
A friend's documentary about the world's shortest leading man, Weng Weng and supporting characters including Imelda Marcos.

Dude Bro Party Massacre 3

I put in money for it, quite a lot by my own standards. I am also looking forward to my own 5sf as part of the pledge.

Bob neglected to mention Big Hero 6, the next entry in the Disney Animated Canon, based on a Marvel comic! For shame!

one thing im curious about is if the green inferno will resurect the old italian cannibal genre

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