Gaming Tech at CES Unveiled 2014

Gaming Tech at CES Unveiled 2014

Checking out some of the best Gaming-related tech from CES 2014.

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"Tobii: Bringing Eye Tracking to the PC Gaming Master Race"

*cries* WHYYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?!?! Why must this exist?

Why do we allow something as simple as a button push to be replaced by some big sensor and game hindering head motion and facial movements?!

I really hope this kind of shit doesn't gain enough traction to become some sort of standard in monitors and laptops.

On the TV, does it make sense to put 4K resolution on a 28" screen? It must look very good, as far as 28" screens go, but does it make a difference?
It is like Amazon claiming that they have 1million more pixels on the Fire than the iPad does. I mean, how much better do Angry Birds really look... and I doubt people are doing heavy Photoshop editing on them

The prospect of 4K resolution + 120Hz w/ Gsync arouses me, even if it's still several years before it's reasonably priced.


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