Escapist News Now: Tegra K1, Roku TV, Xbox One Sales - CES 2014

Tegra K1, Roku TV, Xbox One Sales - CES 2014

Escapist News Now brings you some of the most exciting announcements from CES 2014.

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The shield already has massive heating issues. I wonder how they'll address this for the K1. Maybe you can multitask and use it to cook you lunch while you play.

Perhaps with the Roku TV more content providers will decide they need their shows and movies in an easy to find way on Roku. With so many networks making it easier and cheaper to find programing on Roku places like CBS seem to be almost dinosaurs in the evolving world of entertainment.

Just curious if the the Escapist News was going to even cover the Sony/PS4 announcements from yesterday? You took the time to report on the Microsoft/Xbox announcements, only seems fair.


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