Escapist News Now: Steam Machine Partners Announced - CES 2014

Steam Machine Partners Announced - CES 2014

Andrea Rene is at CES 2014 where Gabe Newell and Valve unveiled their initial partners for Steam Machines.

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I still think that the best thing about the Steam controller is the triggers underneath. Finally, something for your pinkies and ring fingers to do!

This news report was not positive enough. As a steam fan boy i am offended and demand you apologize for not ushering it as the second coming of Jesus. (My entitlement rage sarcasm)

In all seriousness though, i can not wait for the steam machine <3 Finally i can play my hundreds of steam games from my couch in my living room. I hope the 500$ has some power to it, because i have no desire to pay more for it ;p

Steam machine = already winning the console war. The largest library of games dating back to the origin of gaming. Steam, you got this gurl.


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