Escapist News Now: Steam Controller First Impressions - CES 2014

Steam Controller First Impressions - CES 2014

At CES 2014 Andrea Rene and Devin Connors got hands-on time with the new Steam Controller and the Steam Machine prototypes. They talk about their first impressions playing with the controller and how it compares to the keyboard and mouse experience.

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Great, now this makes me even more excited for something I don't have the money for.

Maybe Gaben will do a summer sale on consoles the year after it releases?

I'm curious: how is the weight on this controller relative to other wired controllers? I run wired right now, so when I pick up a wireless controller I always notice how heavy they are.

Every piece of Steam Machine news I see makes me wonder more and more....what exactly is the point of SteamOS?

Steam Boxes? Okay yeah I guess I get the appeal to people who don't want to build a custom gaming machine for themselves.
Steam Controller? Seems like a really promising idea, especially for people who want to use Big Picture Mode on their TV.

But SteamOS just seems to handicap the whole thing. There is less game support on Linux, so you'll still have to dual boot to Windows to play some games. There's less hardware support so it's not especially likely that you'd be able to add SteamOS so your 5 year old PC to get some more life out of it. I understand that it will probably run games smoother than Windows on lesser hardware because the OS takes up less processing power. But that's really not a big deal, especially when most of the early Steam Machines would easily run most games on Windows in high quality and frame rate.

So, why should I bother with SteamOS at all? Why not just build/buy a nice HTPC, and run Steam on Windows with big picture mode and a Steam Controller?


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