Decoding the Uncharted 4 Teaser

Decoding the Uncharted 4 Teaser

Naughty Dog has officially released a teaser for Uncharted on the PlayStation 4. The clues all point to one place - the pirate republic of Libertalia, the Mughal treasure, and possibly a hint of the mystical.

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Don't sell yourself short on predictions - You may not have made it your biggest focus, but you did call Black Flag removing Connor, rewinding time to the Golden Age of Piracy, and three out of four pirates you named were central to the plot of the game.

I think you've done an incredible job of putting together a cohesive argument for what the next Uncharted game will be about based on such a tiny amount of information. I suppose now we just sit and wait to see if you're right.

Well, regardless of whether this speculation ends up true or false I will play the game sooner or later (I do not have a PS4 yet). It was very interesting reading about the history, err, stories? of pirates that might have inspired this game. I would certainly enjoy playing a game like the one Robert Rath described!

Robert Rath:
The Mughal Emperor was furious that English pirates had desecrated his subjects and property, and he threatened to expel the British from India if nothing was done (in hindsight, this would've been wise in the long term).

Aurangzeb had little choice in the matter, he needed the money. Aurangzeb had invaded the south of India of stared the Maratha Wars. He laked the troops to garrison all his conquests and every time he took a strong point another fell somewhere else leading to a merry go round of sieges. Aurangzeb also imposed orthodox sunni islam on the empire and alienated a section of the previously loyal hindu Maharajas and the Sikhs as a caste. He also lost the access route into central Asia after the the Pashtun rebellion. Aurangzeb reign is widely regarded as the beginning of the decline of the Mughal empire.

Even if Aurangzeb had expelled the East India company, it would have made who toppled the empire different not persevered the empire. The East India company was only one among many predators that grabbed parts of the empire, the Marathas, the Sikhs, the Pashtuns and the Persians all were in the running to overthrow the empire.

Very excited for this game, history is such an incredibly rich subject for gamification! As much as I love Drake, I hope it isn't set in present day; I'd love an Uncharted pirate game, think Naughty Dog would nail it! Also, there's that screenshot of a pirate character model being worked on in that The Last of Us dev diary video:


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