8 Planes From Your Favorite Movies

8 Planes From Your Favorite Movies

To celebrate the Concorde's first trial flight we give you a list of airplanes from your favorite movies. Buckle up and make sure that your tray tables are in the upright position for fun.

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I went in a FOKKER Friendship F27 once, (twice if you count return journey) years ago. It's the only plane I've ever flown on. A short 40 min hop from Southampton, UK to Jersey at 10,000 feet. It was a tuesday, both ways. Strange. I have none of these facts written down or logged at all, but I can remember them clearly, even though it was around 16-17 years ago. I guess you never forget your first flight. (I even attempted to recreate it on Flight Sim X)

The Boeing 707 the first commercially successful jet plane?
Well the De Havilland Comet was the first ever commercial jet plane and it was a smash hit for the first few years.
Then it started suffering catastrophic metal fatigue due to improperly designed windows.....

My all-time favorite movie plane has to be the B-17F from Memphis Belle (1990).

Unless we're also including fictional planes, then I choose the Mig-31 from Firefox (1982).


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