Escapist Podcast: 122: Oscars, Booth Babes & SimCity Offline

122: Oscars, Booth Babes & SimCity Offline

This week, we discuss the Academy Award nominations. We also talk about SimCity get an "impossible" offline mode and a news story stating that booth babes don't work.

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I want to point out that Jean-Marc Vallée, the director of Dallas Buyer's Club, is also the one who made the editing for the movie under a pseudonym. The movie got many nominations (6), one for editing, but none for director.

Also, happy birthday Schuyler !

Happy Birthday Skitler.

Also the Departed was ok, not great.

I think its a bit unfair to be so dismissive of the people spewing bile on the internet at you. An angry thread, yeah thats nothing. A few THOUSAND posts its much worse.

And things go WAY WAY beyond that for a lot of these people who are being harassed. Several of the women who criticized the industry get Tons emails, calls, threats. Especially since these vile people like to start posting your real name, address, phone numbers, the names of your kids, spouse, families. Things get way worse then just some mean messages for a lot of these people.

People need to get past the idea that the internet is this little thing you can just walk away from if you don't like it. The internet gives every creepy angry person you avoid in real life a voice and crowds of people egging them on. And its very easy for it to them use the information on the internet to effect you in real life.

Happy Birthday, Schuyler!

Triple Expo....


I feel that the gaming community as a whole could do with a bit less negativity.

Look I love Jim/Yahtzee/Angry Joe but this whole thing about being outraged/snarky has it's limits. It's why I love shows like Extra Credit and Errant Signal, they remember to keep it cool and stay classy. I know people going darkside can indeed feel damn good and even be very effective some times but it's kind of hard to appriciate it when EVERYBODY is doing it.

Hoppy Birthmas Skyler(however that's spelt)!

As someone who genuinely enjoys SimCity while recognizing its flaws and issues I'd have been seriously pissed off had they just abandoned it to work on a sequel because some people felt it wasn't worth supporting.
Also, while I have no idea why it took this long to implement offline functionality in a game that really should've had it from the start, I assume it'll be feature complete in a way the mod was not, including the region stuff. Comparing them might just be a bit unfair.

As someone who found The last of us to be an agonising crock of shit overrated game in every respect, it was very difficult to sit through the discussion on that matter, Especially considering there were so many wonderful indie titles in 2013 (Rogue Legacy was my game of the year), thoroughly enjoyed the rest of it though.

Also happy birthday Schuyler.

Regarding the observation of "booth babes not working" while I think their is certainly validity to the points raised. I wonder how much of the increased foot traffic might have simply been because seeing an elderly person manning a table in a room full of Booth babe tables might have been seen as something unusual and to check it out? A simple case of a person doing something unusual in promoting the product and getting more curiosity for the product. Which would potentially imply that if most people went to that particular idea and only a few people kept the booth babes that the booth babes being unusual would then draw the attention?

Happy Birthday Schuyler


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