Escapist News Now: HBO GO Coming to PS3, PS4

HBO GO Coming to PS3, PS4

HBO GO is coming to PS3 and PS4.

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And also the Wonder Woman casting controversy has been reignited with an unexpected challenger!

I just want everything to be on Netflix. In a perfect world *sigh*

Crap, more memory space taken up by something I won't use. Lovely.

Just give me a way to buy single episodes of Game of Thrones within a week of airing, for crying out loud.

"Cool story, bro." Says everyone outside of the US.

*sees title*
*starts watching, waiting for it, waiting for it.....*
"You still need to have a cable subscription"
*stops video, comes here to comment*
Gfy whoever is still forcing this (HBO, cable/satellite companies, whoever). Till I can buy the channel without paying some asshole middle men thousands of extra dollars, I'll continue to pirate what I want from your station. As soon as you make it available to purchase your station or shows digitally, legally, easily, and timely, I'll be at the front of the line to do so.

Oh, and to head a few things off at the pass....

-No, $5 an episode isn't reasonable
-If it's online more than a couple of hours after air, I no longer care
-No, ads aren't acceptable if I'm paying already
-Having a version locked to a website/service (vs getting a real download) is only reasonable if it's a low, reasonable monthly fee for everything you guys make (see: what the WWE channel is doing right now)

tl; dr: HBO: just make the WWE channel already

I am...underwhelmed with this news. Was genuinely excited on reading the title but still having to have a cable subscription? How does this befits a potential customer not living in the US?


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