Blackguards Review - Turn Based Treachery

Hey! I'm an SRPG lover! Gonna buy right now!

I saw that game yesterday on steam and didn't even know it was based on The dark Eye. For those who don't know, it's basically the german version of D&D. The world is pretty standard fantasy stuff. What I like is that in the larger scheme of things a lot of interaction between factions are often kinda games-of-thrones-ish. One of my favorite characters was an insane goblin ratcatcher who gets the occasional prophetic vision. Problem with that was that the god who sends those visions was some indescribable elder god and prophecies were most of the time hard to understand from usual insane ramblings.

After finishing Banner Saga that got me hooked on SRPG that I've waited for a long time so I decided to play this.

I'm already 20h+ hours in and I'm enjoying the story and fighting.


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