Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Raccoons

Top 5 Raccoons

Inspired by a new sweater, Lisa takes a look at the top 5 Raccoons in gaming.

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Haha, who else would be number 1? NO-ONE!!
Where's the next game in the series? I want more, especially after the last one's ending...

Judging from the outro (ottro?...whatever), next week's episode will be the top 5 colors in video games.

Yeah you BETTER have Sly as the top raccoon. For some odd reason I was expecting Max Scoville to make a special appearance here, since raccoons are kinda his schtick. That would've been a very odd cross-promotion though.

And yeah, you all need to buy a digital copy of Sly 4 if you haven't played it... right now. Go. Shoo!

So why was this a questionable show? I mean you've done Top 5 chainsaws, top 5 green characters, top 5 dog heroes, top 5 evil fish! How are raccoons any less serious?

Is Rocket Raccoon in the LEGO Marvel game? Oh, hell yeah!
About hunting raccoons, I remember doing that in Assassin's Creed III, to sell their pelts and other parts for MONEY, or having their skin crafted into hats, to sell for MORE MONEY!

Well, before watching this video the only video game raccoon (hell, pretty much the only raccoon in any form of media) I could think of was Rocket Raccoon, as featured in Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, so... I guess I learned something today.

So why was this a questionable show?

Let the record reflect that this one is one of my favorite episodes to date.

Tom nook is a very deep, and misunderstood character. Also he just wants all your money.
Speaking of animal crossing though, I can't help but post this classic. WELCOME TO CAMP (Warning if anyone has nice feelings about animal crossing beware, stuffs messed up yo.)

Also that jumper is totally rad don't let anyone tell you otherwise

Sly Cooper looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I'm not really a console player. I only bought an xbox many moons ago because I wanted to play DX:IW without upgrading my desktop hardware at the time.

So a list about best raccoons in gaming starts with a Sucker Punch character and ends with a Sucker Punch character? I'm ok with this. Sucker Punch sure knows how to make their raccoons.

Ya, this list wouldn't have been valid if Sly didn't lead the pack. I would even argue that the raccoon from the Sly 1 commercials could've had a place on this list too (seriously, look them up. Hilarious).

And I don't think that sweater sucks. It's cute!

I don't have any funny raccoon pictures but I have a funny raccoon story:

One time my Grandpa and I went out to a lake to fish and camp, in the morning we found a bunch of raccoon crap on his boat, that was annoying but we cleaned it up and went on with fishing. On the way back my Grandpa looks in his rear view mirror and tells me "Look back there!" and there, on the bow of this boat traveling on the highway at 50 mph was a raccoon, fur flapping in the wind as if to say "I'm king of the world!"

After pulling over and shooing it off, we figured it was one of the raccoons that live near my Grandpa and was in the boat the whole trip.

In case you are worried, the raccoon ran off towards the woods.

Wow I am really struggling to think of other Raccoon characters, the only one I can think of is from Reboot which doesn't count. Unless we're allowed to count fictional games from other media....

Pretty sure Tom Nook and his nephews are Tanuki, which are basically Raccoon Dogs, so its allowed.

Tom Nook is misunderstood, the guy gives you limitless time to pay off your loan and actually doesn't bother you about it.

How did you come across such a sweater, Lisa? It's, er, interesting! Then again, I've seen girls wear those things as some sort of fashion statement in today's age, so what do I know. Owls are apparently the favourite.

Now I think about it, I don't believe I've ever received questionable sweaters before. I feel like I've missed out.

Pretty sure Tom Nook and his nephews are Tanuki, which are basically Raccoon Dogs, so its allowed.

Tom Nook is misunderstood, the guy gives you limitless time to pay off your loan and actually doesn't bother you about it.

<.<.......I'm telling Sheep on you.


Funny show. Knew from the start that Sly would be number one.(like everyone else. ;p)
The sweater was alright, and you make a convincing raccoon. ;p

See ya next week, Lisa!

That sure was... random.

And for the obligatory comment: Come on! You listed RDR raccoons, but not Rocket Raccoon? The guy is a raccoon carrying a Gatling gun... a Gatling gun! Plus, he is going to have his own movie, starring Bradley Cooper. Plus, he is actually a character...

I know she loves me by the way she hisses at me like a racoon.

Actually...I think Marine is using a Cockney accent. The use of "STREWTH!" was a tell.

Seriously, I want to see her in a conversation with Yangus. That would be awesome.

I was ridiculously, unreasonably into this video because reasons. :D

Also yeah Tom Nook and Marine are pretty blatantly tanuki but that's alright! Because tanuki are cool as well.

Oh man Lisa, you crazy. PETA gunna be all up in yo grill for crooning 'bout shooting raccoons!

Raccoons!? Best episode ever!!!

That sweater explains why you were going thru my trash Lisa...... To find a new one LoL.

I LOVE YOU LISA (not in a creepy,stalkerish way....really)!!!!!!!!!!


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