Miracle of Sound: Call of Home (The Hobbit Song)

Call of Home (The Hobbit Song)

Through river, root and stone. The distant call of home.

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Beautiful song. Now I'm psyched up for a Desolation of Smaug song! I hope you don't leave us waiting a year for that D:

The song was so long and varied it was like a journey unto its own!

I assume it was longer to match the length of the film? Maybe?

Good song, It's not quite my cup of tea, I prefer your more electronic songs. City of Night, Roll out, etc., but I do like it.

That obviously wouldn't really fit very well here though :)

loved the contrast between the characters here, you really seem to just 'get' the more orchestral compositions (you died is still one of my favourites)

smaug was really quiet though, was expecting him to have a loud, deep, growly section just for the word burn, seeing as you tried to get the tone of voice for all the other characters.

still, awesome song anyway!

This was beautiful. If I have one complaint it's that I feel you almost gave us a medley of five songs I'd really want to have full versions of. Great work

Three songs and an album and January's not even ended yet, you're spoiling us. :D

You went through about everything in the film here, neat mood.. Uh.. Balance? Dunno what to call it..

I just miss a jolly ol' wacky goblin tune, hehe.

Beautifully done, Gavin. You knocked this one out of the park.

Very much like a heart-felt tune the dwarves themselves would sing.

I tip my hat to you.


Kinda reminds me of a mix between Irish folk music and Enya.
Not sure what happened around the 3.40 mark, went kinda strange there.
That reminds me more of what happens around the 3.40 mark of Sacred Power Of The Raging Winds by Rhapsody (of Fire)

^_^ Cheers to another emotionally gripping song Mr.Dunne!

I always like your more somber music when it comes to the tune and lyrics, they are always the most captivating to me.
Doubt this is one you'll singing at the next escapist expo(sadly but understandably) but it's certainly one i'll listen to more often.

So thank you.

Smokin' hot song! It was amazing. I wonder how would Gavin do as a short film, or even a feature-length film.

I hope he comes up with more epic orchestral songs.

Sounds good.
There's only one thing that kind of ruins it.
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Can't we just agree to have no more than 1 audio source on a page playing at a time?

Beautifully paced and excellently delivered... very appropriate for the film, just not my cup of tea, somehow.
Oh well, beggars can't be choosers; may as well buy it anyway, for completeness' sake!

On the other hand, the re-released Rockerman Stride is fantastic!

Still can't help but compare it to other songs based on Tolkien.
Not really helpful since that simply means comparing you to Blind Guardian.
And in that comparison.... yeah, the Germans win.
Nightfall In Middle Earth is such a great album.

Great song and great lyrics Gav. That double s in darkness/carcass really evokes Gollums voice. It's preciousss :P

Beautiful. Good to see some footage from the Extended Cut in there too.

Absolutely incredible, dude.

I'm reeling from the achievement that was Vistas, but you follow it up with this and send me flat on my ass again.

Amazing balance between all the movements, dude! Absolutely love it :)

Great video from Justin, too!


Oh, almost forgot, was that your friend Lorna doing the female vocal at the Rivendell section?

It is a very nice song. The gollum part of the song Is my favorite part of the song and it would be nice if there was a song made just for the character. I don't expect to happen but it would be cool if you did make such a song.

I have not seen the hobbit movies but I did see the lord of the rings movies. It does kinda feel lord of the ringish.


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