EXP: GamerHub - BandFuse Slash Interview

GamerHub - BandFuse Slash Interview

GamerHub speaks to rock legend Slash in this interview.

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I'll just post this here http://home.bandfuse.com/writing/31964/ as it includes this video, I'd :D but this would have come in handy before Christmas, and would have been even better if there was some info about the game itself (no pc version). I suppose that at the time, this video was posted we where being subjected to youtube "gaming experts" spewing out the same 3 factoids that they got from someone else about the history of gaming, what's the deal with that (slap bass). This is probably the longest comment anyone as ever made on a gamer hub video, and probably contains more characters than most videos have views (yeah i went through list on youtube and no mike ness interview, so negativity, he was probably working).


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