Escapist News Now: Duke Nukem RPG Coming?

Duke Nukem RPG Coming?

Interceptor Entertainment briefly teased what could be the next installment in the long-running first person shooter franchise, Duke Nukem.

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Out of the 3 DN game I've played, the best one is Manhattan Project hands-down. So no it doesn't have to be an FPS, although I'm not very fond of top-down shooters.

Duke's personality is about being OP as hell. An RPG makes surprising amounts of sense. Certainly more than a two-weapon modern FPS does.

Sgt. Sykes:
Out of the 3 DN game I've played, the best one is Manhattan Project hands-down. So no it doesn't have to be an FPS, although I'm not very fond of top-down shooters.

Well put. Manhattan Project was a really fun game, a nice throwback to the original Duke Nukem games in a way (which were shooting platformers, not FPSs). If they can keep this far away from the people that worked on DNF, it might become a good game!

its really going to take a miracle for them to revive Duke from the dead... they could barely give away the last game for a measly $3 Brand New. Its on 99% of "worst game/most disappointing games ever" lists.

I am shocked they are even trying to do anything with Duke Nukem in the title, i instantly think of FAIL when i hear anything Duke related now. Maybe going to a different genre is the only way to go, either that or just stop.

From Video:
"Can Duke Nukem really be Duke Nukem if it isn't an FPS?"

Already has been. Twice.
Duke Nukem 1 & 2 were 2D side scrolling platformer-shooters, not FPSes.

Though the ignorance isn't surprising; Duke Nukem really didn't take off until Duke3D and back then it had the benefit of competing with Doom (and actually doing very well). It was a pioneer shooter.

It will go from Duke Nukem Forever to Duke Nukem RPG, never!!!

Pass, even Duke Nukem 3D wasn't as good as the original Duke Nukem games and it's been all downhill from there. Also, the Duke doesn't have enough personality to be in RPG. He makes Lightning look complex and well drawn.

It sounds like they're basically trying to do the Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light thing.

I don't know, it could work, I guess. But the mechanics had better be exquisite and the code bug-free, because I don't think Duke Nukem as a character is a big draw right now. And there are certainly other offerings in the isometric RPG field at present.

after the let down of forever, im very skeptical about this installment if its true. i have decided not to touch any titles anymore from gearbox.

Nope. This is another Survivor 2299. Top-down RPG? Come on that's too stupid

If they really want Duke in an RPG, DLC him into Borderlands.

Does this person... even know a thing about Duke Nukem...? Only two games in the series are first-person shooters. TWO! Just 3D and Forever! We've also got 1, 2, Manhattan Project, Land of the Babes, Zero Hour, and Time to Kill at the very least! It's like Army Men. There isn't one central genre. It jumbles around all over the place. Duke Nukem works somewhat like Simpsons videogames, it seems.

Can we at least agree that this is a better fit than the pinball game?

To a Duke Nukem fan, if they still exist, that title can be construed as lewd.

Duke in RPG?
It makes as much sense as Superman RPG (instead of simply cracking asteroid with one punch, after leveling up you can crack moon with one punch)
I simply can't see this.
Unless they specialize on gear improvement- that could be possible.

P.S. Or maybe a pre-steroid-quel.

hmmm and here I thought RPGs requires interesting main characters and universe, well....if they can make a rpg out of mario they might as well try with duke nukem.

Showing up for rpg audition

Mario: I jump on stuff, crawl through drains, shoot fireballs with my fingers, fly with a wing hat, have a tall green brother and a stupid princess to safe.

Duke: I kick ass and chew bubble gum and I'm all outta gum.

Top down duke nukem rpg... so duke nukem meets diablo is where my mind went with that... I can get on that hype train

But surely The Random Encounter came out years ago...

OH, my bad, I thought that said Serious Sam RPG. :P


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