Elder Scrolls Online Beta: Impressions From Tamriel

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at this point, given how many keys were handed out, i sort of doubt they can enforce the nda entirely anyway

I found it very disappointing, I don't want to say too much but I found it hard to distinguish between human players and humanoid enemies. Really it would rather just stick to WoW if I have to pay a subscription.

I found it very disappointing, I don't want to say too much but I found it hard to distinguish between human players and humanoid enemies. Really it would rather just stick to WoW if I have to pay a subscription.

You can turn on nameplates, but I find it really detract from the experience. You get more information, sure, but it's really unnecessary information that only contributes to visual clutter in the end.

I too got ahold of a key recently, and was very unimpressed. It looks a lot like Everquest 2's engine just beefed up a bit, and the combat is a bit awkward with controls feeling clunky and laggy.

Everything has that washed out Skyrim look too, even a tropical island

I've seen some good press for ESO from a few people. I don't understand it. I feel like they must have played an entirely different game than I had. The several times I played during the various beta events, I didn't come away with a single positive in my entire experience. Every single thing about the game was entirely forgettable. Even the character creation certainly doesn't do it for me, because I've played games like City of Heroes, which have quite a bit more.

Am I the only one who thinks the graphics are sub-par? And this is coming from someone who doesn't consider them to be a major part of games. I had everything set as high as possible and the game looks like Age of Conan with possibly even lower resolution textures. Most containers and trees turn into a smudgy mess if you walk up to them.

Also, what's with the lack of ragdoll physics? Surely the supposedly high end PS4 and Xbone are capable of handling it, and having a pre-rendered death animation for everything just looks silly. I jumped from the top of a tower and slammed into the ground at terminal velocity partway up a hill, only to do a sort of demure fainting onto a couch animation at the end and collapse rigidly in place.

I'd also be remiss to not bring up the fact that you can't harm NPCs or get arrested, they just stand there calmly while you fill their face with instantly disappearing arrows. Pickpocketing doesn't work either, you just talk to them from stealth mode. I know there are restrictions on what you can do in multiplayer games but surely there are ways around this other than mandating that every player be an incorruptible, impossible-to-do-wrong hero.

And yeah I'm aware it's still a beta, but it's bloody close to the release date now and if they're not at the "finishing touches" stage by now they're doomed. This isn't some Kickstarter or Steam Early Access, it's a finished product at release and they only have a few weeks to get it all done.

Don't get me wrong, I already bought the game and I really want it to be a success. In fact I REALLY want it to considering the digital standard edition I got cost an outrageous $89.95AU, the exact same as the brick and mortar copy. But if they want me to play beyond the initial 30 days they're gonna have to make a lot of changes in the next few weeks leading up to release, because so far it's just a mediocre generic fantasy MMO with an Elder Scrolls visual mod installed.


wait wait wait

the NDA doesn't apply to the Escapist reporters or something? How am I even supposed to discuss this with any kind of depth?

The NDA on most media outlets has been lifted somewhat recently. Angry Joe put up his own "impressions" video as well.

The NDA on normal players is still in effect, though, as I recall.

Now, I won't talk about things that can't be talked about, such as the possibility of having taken part of something that cannot be spoken about, and I will neither confirm nor deny any statements or allegations in regards to this, but I will say that -something- recently may have impressed me enough to convince me to pre-order the game. Which I did. And I'm very satisfied with my purchase.

While playing beta, and liking it quite a bit, i have followed first what people said (as far as they could say anything) and now what the press says.
And with press, i include lets players and independent reviews!
It seems at first, there was a huge backslash against the game, but the longer the beta runs and the more people are willing to break the NDA, the voices become more balanced and better to read. I am biased, of course, because i like the game.
Graphics are good, the gameplay is a good change and i honestly believe that nobody had the chance to play enough of the game to predict its course.
A LOT could and should be better, no question. But im willing to give it a chance.
And even if i only play 2 or 3 months, despite the initial cost, i will get my moneys worth.

About bonuses:
Imperials are really nothing special, i think.
They are what humans are in every fantasy, can do everything a little but no big bonuses.
Playing every race in every alliance? TES had always a good deal of racial diversity and there were red guards, khajiits and argonians in skyrim.
Why shouldn't they live all over the world a thousand years ago? Why should racial borders be stronger than the ties of your home?
Paywall, yeah sucks a little. But its not the end of the world....

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