8 Explosive Movie Volcanoes

8 Explosive Movie Volcanoes

On this day in 1997 Dante's Peak was released. To celebrate its eruption into theaters we give you eight volcanoes in movies. Enjoy and watch out for the ash.

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Wait... where's Bayonetta? Or Alyx Vance? Or Jade? I mean, that pink haired slate of concrete, Lightning, is on the list, but not them?

I call tomfoolery.

When I hear movie volcanoes, I immediately think "Joe Versus the..."

This was Tom Hanks' signature film that defined him a a character...that jumps into volcanoes. I had never seen him do it before (though I didnt seen every episode of Bosom Buddies) and he hasn't done it since. His luggage was impractical though. And Meg Ryan, Meg Ryan and Meg Ryan were a little annoying. Still, it was better than Toy Story 3's garbage furnace that Tom jumped in. That only looked a little like a volcano.


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