8 Ways Mobile Publishers Are Trying To Take All Your Money

8 Ways Mobile Publishers Are Trying To Take All Your Money

We all know that publishers make games to make a profit, but sometimes games are released as "free" when in reality they'll cost you quite a bit of coin to get the full experience.

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Good old EA takes 6 out of 8 places in there bid for 'worst company in America' for the third year running.

The TSA game sounds like a shit Papers Please. Kinda surprised people are so desperate they're ripping off indie games and putting microtransactions, that's a new low.

6 out of 8. Nice work EA. The other two being mobile games also don't surprise me.

Although this really could have just been 8 Games Filled with Microtransactions instead of the current title which is blatant clickbait. Does "Airport Scanner" really even have a publisher? Their website says they're indie. Pocket Gems is listed on the Play Store but not the Apple Store, weird.

That's....really like 1 ways publishers are trying to take your money:
All of the titles listed employ "Freemium" crap, that charges real money to save (a lot of) in-game time.

Is mobile gaming officially allowed to be the devil now? I hate to sound like a fun-hating cynic but after all those years of pundits telling us how smart Facebook/ tablet/ phone game makers were and now look at 'the new industry'. Talking heads telling us how they were outflanking the traditional industry and we bitter nerds should stop being jealous and embrace this new phase of gaming's evolution. How fucking stupid they look now. It feels good to be vindicated.

All those times being told touch games were the future of the industry. Well gaze upon your creation game industry, gaze upon it and despair.


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