8 Great Inspirations for Gaming on Valentine's Day

8 Great Inspirations for Gaming on Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's Day, and to celebrate we give you eight of the best couples in the history of gaming. So sit back and grab a tissue: Most of these don't end well.

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FF7 over FF8?

Son, I am disappoint.

"Gordon and Alyx from Half Life 2 are a perfect pair as they avoid headcrabs, all the while trying to hug each other. A couple that kills together stays together, just ask Bonnie and Clyde."
They actually don't try to hug each other, since Alyx is averse to that. Only Eli Vance, Alyx's father, suggests that, and we should all know what happened to him.

love that jackie and jenny got noted
they are still my favorite vg couple so far


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