Revisiting The House of Osama bin Laden

Revisiting The House of Osama bin Laden

Critical Intel explores a virtual reconstruction of a house where Osama bin Laden lived, and in the process finds a fascinating rumination on the power of interactive environment and narrative.

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The idea of using games to allow people to explore real locations that exist (or existed) is definitely an interesting one. To me the coolest thing about Assassin's Creed II was getting to wander through an accurate facsimile of Italian Cities. It would be interesting to see more such things, although unfortunately I'm not sure there's enough of a market for Virtual Tourism to justify the expense of creating more detailed and larger works without having a more traditional game on top of them.

It looks like he lived in an old counterstrike level. There is also not enough garbage and stuff lying around.

That lake view isn't too bad though.

Lol, camera got stuck. Use no clip!

It's a shame this is ending on Sunday, since I only live 30 miles or so from Manchester and I'm actually there for different reasons for 3 days next week. Unfortunately, this weekend I'm in Scotland and won't get back til late on Sunday.

It does seem like an interesting exhibit though, would have liked to go.


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