Escapist Podcast: 126: Irrational Games & Titanfall Beta

126: Irrational Games & Titanfall Beta

This week, we discuss the announced closing of Irrational Games and the latest trailer for Guardian of the Galaxy. We also talk about our experience with the Titanfall beta.

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Yeah Titanfall beta was really fun, Not sure The full game will be worth what they're asking (depends on the ammount of maps / modes they release). Guardians of the galaxy trailer: do I want to see a racoon fight alongside space super heroes.?...yes.
Good podcast as always guys, keep it up.

Remember the days when kids actually wanted to grow up to be game developers and testers? I know that was my dream for a short period after high school. Those were the days.

Marvel really should do an Annihilation movie. It was an awesome event. Thanos was there being all manipulative and conversing with his bride, the Nova Corps got obliterated, lotsa cool stuff went down. The only real issue being that Fox owns the F4 movie rights and many characters therein, including Galactus and Silver Surfer, who both played substantial roles in Annihilation.

"So do you guys think Johnny Depp is gonna be the new Dr. Strange?"
"Jesus kill me!"

Best start to the Monday ever.


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