Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare Review - Petal of Honor

Looks interesting and kinda cute. But i cant see it holding me for very long till i realize i have BF3, CS,DoD and other proper fps games.

AH, so many opportunities to riff on Jim's word games, let's see erm... how about Call of Dew-ty or Brothers in Farms, or Petalfield 4, Oh oh oh; Medal of Honour; Sporefighter yeah! Or how about Bloom BFG edition, Shears of War I could go on for days...

Ahem, back on topic I can't say this comes as a shock. Now I love me some Plants vs. Zombies but I can't immagine who this game is supposed to be played by. Clearly the market for online shooters is heavily contested as it is with a whole lot of stuff that people are already playing to death and if their plan was to sell to an audience interested in fun fast-paced goofy shooters, well TF2 already has that market somewhat cornered...

Looking at those screenshots, I just feel completely trolled. ;____;

I really do have to wonder why this game was ever given the go-ahead in the first place.
The concept is terrible and the appeal immensely limited.

Can't say I'm surprised, after the debacle that was the revamp of PvZ2. Disappointing, as this was the perfect time setup for an Airplane-style sendup of the entire military shooter genre (start with a standard setting, tweak it to be absurd, then play the result utterly straight).

Looks like an EA project to get more mileage out of the Frostbite engine without making major changes or effort to make it look appropriately animated ala TF2 or Borderlands.

"Hmmmm we have a property, better make a shooter out of it on our in house engine"

Mediocrity for all.

I originally thought, plants vs zombies wow this sounds so stupid, but a friend of mine started playing this game so I figured I'd give it a shot. I can honestly say I enjoy this game, just like any online game there's going to be glitches and bugs this is common in basically every game. I've gotten past this, your going to always find the bad in a game. With that said I find myself coming back to this game everyday, I will begin to play another game and just get tired of it. I mean if you really think about it yes the game modes are the same as others but really every game is that way, from "horde" mode to "death match" you can't really get away from it no matter what game you play. In my opinion its a matter of do you want to relax with a goofy shooter or do you want to get frustrated with another pvp based shooter.


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